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ClixScript New Update Features (Current v3.11)
09-19-2011, 08:33 AM (This post was last modified: 02-27-2018 07:31 PM by admin.)
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ClixScript New Update Features (Current v3.11)
Everyone clixscript is here with all the features a ptc admin needs to start a successfull business! Please post any questions or concerns in the forum and we will be happy to assist you in creating the PTC of your dreams!

Version 1.01
- Fixed some bugs and other small improvements.
- More than 100 new captcha images has been added to the script.
- Forum plug-in is now included for free!
Version 1.02
- View ads page is now AUTO updated (without needing refresh!) after ad click is confirmed (clicked ads are greyed out).
- Delete support ticket
- Support for choosing between IPN v1 and v2 in Alert Pay
- Support for Buxenger added (admin may turn on/off)
- Extending multiple referrals is now possible
- Improved referral page with order by, improved dates and click avarages.
- Admin may now turn on/off the option for users to purchase using account balance
- Admin may now disable any cashout for any payment option
- Added check on banners to require 468x60 size
- Added to admin: The option of adding/removing rented referrals to members.
- Forum badges
- Added description to forum
- Unknown countries will now be able to pick country for a list of countries
- Auto enable ads in admin area when creating ads (instead of previously being paused)
- Added country target for admin
Version 1.03
- Payment Proof addon has been created, admin may now require users to upload payment proof if he so wish.
- IPNlog for failed IPN requests has been added
- Protection against misconfigured server cron job has been added, no need to worry that cron job runs twice anymore!
- A few bugfixes and other small improvements
Version 1.04
- Login Ads plugin (display advertisement once a day to your members upon them accessing their account)
- Some minor changes and fixes
Version 1.5
- PTSU Offer System (including disputes and auto-approval)
- Affiliate Offer System with postback (completely automated!) and very easy to use import system.
- Added option to remove payment proof requiral on the next payment for a individual member
- Added count of referrals (both direct and rented) to edit member
- You may now change captcha text color in admin area
Version 1.51
- The ability to mark payments as "paid" without paying has been added, useful feature for those who are unable to use masspay or other APIs.
- Fixed description bug
- Referral tools said "ClixScript" instead of site name, now fixed.
- Added info about which files need to be chmod 777
- Added support for Pro Leads Media Affiliate Network (Offer Plug-in)
- Fixed invisible bug when editing IPs (Offer Plug-in)
- Login Ads buying with Liberty Reserve price bug has been fixed.
- Improved cron jobs for people who had trouble with ads not resetting (bootstrap cron job issue)
- Some people had issues with the ip function, it has now been fixed and should work for all.
- Upline bug fixed (you may now remove upline correctly)
- Ad url and banner url length limit has been increased as requested.
- Payment proofs requiral has been removed if payments are cancelled/refunded.

Version 1.52
- A completely new and fresh design by Diffusion Studios has been added and is now the base design of ClixScript!
- Auto-deny admin offer submissions that has been pending for 48 hours added.

Version 1.53
- Credit user money on signup (signup bonus)
- Credit upline money for each referrer (upline signup bonus)
- Offers referral % added, now you can make upline earn % of all offers completed.
- Offers country limited upline profit, you can set that only members from example UK/US will give upline profit on offers.
- First offer completed can give a specific $ amount.
- Fixed manual approval of affiliate offers bug which caused fee not to be detucted.
- Offer plugin now comes with several admin stats displayed in dashboard aswell as stats displayed in user account panel.
- Option in admin to hide rented referral pages (if one wishes to turn it off)
- Option in admin to hide upline

Version 1.54
- Pending payments can now be seen under user history
- Important bug fix in cron and offer script fixed.
- An e-mail may be sent for each approved offer (to the user who did the offer)
- An e-mail may be sent out when "first offer" is completed by a referral and the referral bonus for offer is assigned.
- Level 2 has been added, you may now earn % of offer submissions made by not only direct downline, but also their downline
- Added personal stats to sidebar (how much has been earned from offers and from downline in offers)
Version 1.55
- Detailed referral stats for offers has been added, you may now view exactly how much money each referral has earned you through offers. (both level 1 and level 2)
- Notification system has been added
- Option to force unverified buyer payments to be INSTANTLY refunded so that payment is not approved
- Option to force instant refund on chargeback
- Option to force instant refund on suspicious activity (requires a paid membership at refundprotect.com to use this feature)
- E-mail notifications on refunds and suspicious payments

Version 1.56
- Fixing bug in payment history (pending payments).

Version 2
- info will be added later
Version 2.01
- info will be added later
Version 2.02
- info will be added later
Version 2.03
- info will be added later
Version 2.04
- info will be added later

Version 2.05
- Minimum required clicks of 0 now works.
- MLM earnings added, admin may now add *unlimited* downline levels for: PTC, Adgrid, Offers, Offerwall, Shares, Upgrades and Paid To Share. Not only that, you may have different earning % based on membership!
- MLM display of downline added... users may now view their downline as MLM
- One can now rent out never expiring referrals.
- Fixed "unlink" bug when mass importing sparkleads offers
- Withdraw limit added (you may now limit how much can be withdrawn at once by each membership)
- FAQ/TOS/Privacy Policy editor in admin area!

Version 2.06
- Login as member addon, admin can now click the login as member button when view member profiles in the admin panel, this leave no traces and is great if people tell you about bugs as you can check yourself and find out what the bug exactly is.
- Bugs related to FAQ/TOS/Privacy Policy editor fixed.
- http referrer is stored, so admins can track and see from which site a member has signed up from, very good if you want to know where to advertise!
- fixed a bug in offerwall.

Version 2.07
- Several top 25 lists in admin such as: investors, direct refs, rented refs, balances, shares ++
New Advanced Proxy system:
- Transparent HTTP Proxies Detection using proxy headers
- Tor detection through tordnsel
- Portscan back to the origin IP at the common proxy ports used.
- API integration with mxpulse to detect anything that gets through other tests.
- DNSBL lookup can be enabled to block blacklisted IPs
- Improvements to solve known bugs when mass sending e-mails.
- Fixed PIN code e-mail issue that some where having.
- Fixed bug that made the ref based on clicks and logins to not function correctly.
- Upgrades necessary for the pc points system plug-in to function.
- Upgrades necessary for the upcomming crowdflower plugin.

Version 2.08
- Remember me function for auto login added!
- Point system plugin is now included free of charge! Credit members point for various tasks.
- Added country name when hovering flags in admin panel
- Open in new window added to ptc/surf bar
- Enable/Disable captcha option added!
- Rounding values (to avoid 4 decimals) in login ads and banner ads advertising pages.
- Fixed bug in view ref page (displaying mlm refs)
- Tickboxes and select all function for support ticket page in admin panel for changing status or deleting.
- Country block added, you may now block certain countries from registering !
- Multiple account cheaters page optimized query and added checkboxes with toggle for mass suspension/unsuspension.
- Direct downline added to admin panel when viewing member.

Version 2.09
- Skipped to adjust db upgrade script.

Version 2.10
- Referral tools page has been improved significantly with banner upload in admin panel as well as jquery arrows to switch between banners in member panel.
- Egopay & Perfect Money integration (both receive and send money IPN/API)
- Solve Media Captcha integration
- Forum moderators new permission: suspending users.
- Forum signatures (with BBCode support!) added
- Canned responses for support
- Fixed some small bugs

Version 2.50
Template system introduced! ++

Version 2.51
- Pending balances introduced, allowing you to credit user without having money added to his balance instantly (useful for offers, where users may try to cheat).
- Crowdflower earnings grouped per month stats has been added
- Virool offerwall support added!
- Offer Walls support added!
- Template system improved for plugins, no longer needed to copy plugin template folder if you're not going to make changes!

Version 2.52
- Fixed country target bug for offers
- Flags appear again
- Template change causing a little javascript issue in admin panel for offers now fixed
- Proxy detector now stores date of report
- Proxy detector now let's you run ALL tests and see result for each test (if one or more of them failed).
- Proxstop API added!
- Last 10 logins shown in admin panel for each user (with ip)
- Added stats to offerwall
- Added CF bonus option
- Open offers in new window directly
- LeadAds support (mass import) - no postback support yet

Version 2.53
- Auto suspension of captcha cheaters (on PTC, more will be added later)
- Bot users : Detection method 1 added, more to come.
- Suspended (and unregistered) users may now contact support
- Fixed banner display bug

Version 2.54
- Liberty Reserve API updated to newest version!
- Issue with using "id" as postback variable for offer network solved.
- Reason for auto-suspension was missing for multiple account, now added.
- New offer network: adworkmedia
- Cron job debugger, when enabled, e-mails will be sent out as cron job are run.
- Purging old history (30 days) now enabled.
- Logging to admin area directly without first logging in as user has been disabled for extra security.
- Forum categories looks correct on new install + small fix on order.
- TPL system lag : Fixed display bug on manage submissions
- TPL system lag : News should appear correctly again
- TPL system lag : Forum silhouette, smilies, user online/offline icon
- TPL system lag : FAQ/TOS/PP admin area missing icons added back
- TPL system lag : Re-activation error fixed
- Begun work of allowing a simple SIDEBAR code in variables.php to control sidebars.
- A bunch of minor fixes

Version 2.55
- SolidTrust Pay IPN and API has been integrated!
- Optional if offers open in new window or not (switch added in admin panel)
- Offer plugin now allow admin to use points only (to get around the no-incentive requirements many network has)
- Fixed the issue of user session login issue that a few people have reported. Although caused by bad server setup we added a fix so it should now work on those servers as well.
- Affiliate offers and advertiser offers can have different referral % and fee added for advertiser offers.
- Extend banner ad bug fixed.
- New advanced proxy check added!
- Offers not displaying for all UK/GB users fixed.

Version 2.56
Skipped this version (some updates was out of sync)

Version 2.57
- Facebook registration/login added
- New Affiliate Networks: Peerfly & Incent.ly
- Hides the annoying "silverlight" icons from login
- Message posted on facebook for each offer completed (if user signed up with facebook & have it enabled)
- fixing some rare errors certain servers get
- banned words added to admin panel backend
- Adgrid issue with toggling winners fixed
- Adgrid issue with strange message appearing fixed
- Never ending loop protection for admins putting a user as his own upline by mistake
- Improved protection in PTC
- E-mails for advertising being sent out with "Auto Response" now send out using site name
to counter spam filters.
- Login form now has timeout for proxy check added.
- Kohana DB added and queries will over time be replaced with it.
- forgot password captcha fixed
- Translate system in place, over time (once we put the translation code) it will allow the script to be translated to other languages.
- Country Targetting (ALL countries) now works on slow servers which some had issues with previously.
- Alert Pay checkout icon replaced with Payza
- non logged in users will see same value for ads as standard members instead of $0.

Version 2.58
- Google Login
- Twitter Login
- RedFireNetwork mass import invalid characters issue fixed
- If user clicks link in adgrid twice, weird message appears, fixed.
- Fixed typo causing markitup (in forum) to look messed up on some servers.
- Refund protect not included bug fixed
- Upgraded egopay IPN & API to new version
- Admins can no longer accidentially be made into mods
- STP logo added
- link to unpause ad after purchase fixed
- Solve Media captcha SSL support
- Non-logged in users may now purchase ads & view ads panel again
- Set time zone in admin panel (the time being displayed on the ptc page)

Version 2.59
- Multiple languages (Translate system)
- Choose between multiple currencies (plans to expand in the future)
- Credits, user may now fund their accounts with credits and use those to purchase ptc hits (to be expanded in the future).
- Adgrid bug (non-logged in error) fixed
- Adgrid bug (history mixup) fixed (for new purchases)
- Members can create ptc ads

Version 2.6
- Captcha has been re-done and now looks and works flawlessly in IE,FF, Chrome. (IE10 issues fixed.)
- Portuguese language has been added
- Gift shop has been added
- Fix: Payza now shows on settings page
- Perfect Money address updated to .is extension
- Identity upload form (example for driver license) can now be enabled to require users to verify id!
- Proxstop Phone verification
- Massmail has had a complete makeover to support large quantities of e-mails, adjusted parameters for how often to send and better management (templates, custom queries, search for offers etc)
- Offers page has been improved with a new design, 125x125x banner and a few other changes.
- New (Has Offers) Affiliate Network: Marketing Made Easy (private-linking.com)
- Adblock Plus no longer blocks PTC Ads
- Plugin hooks now translates with correct lang file, automatically.
- Issue with activation link fixed.
- Issue with submitting offers when captcha disabled fix.
- Liberty Reserve removed - R.I.P :'(
- Adblock Plus no longer blocks Dynamic Ref Banners
- Added readme.txt with postback urls for CF

Version 2.61 (mini update)
- Second (level 2) upline bonus on signup added
- Possible to require a certain amount to be spent on PTC ads in order to cashout.
- Signup bonus amount added to purchase balance

Version 2.62 (mini update)
- Mochi Games compatibility added
- A few minor fixes

Version 2.63 (mini update)
- TOS changes
- Mochi Games update

Version 2.64
-- New Games Plugin (v1.1 - Integrated user's transactions, contests are now replayable and removed 'Play now', merged tournaments and contests when game is clicked, few small bug fixes)
-- New Offers Plugin (v1.1) - Integrated user's transactions, LeadId integration, fixed featured offers, few other bugs fixed)
-- New Offerwall Plugin (v1.0.1 - Integrated user's transactions)
-- Survey Plugin Released
-- Ability to add a bonus for liking a Facebook page/Following a name on Twitter
-- Added featured items to shop, fixed dashboard item capability, added categories to the gift shop
-- Added ability to add/delete points or cash to a user's account with a comment. Shows up in user's transactions.
-- Massmail display mails issue on some servers fixed.

Version 2.65
-- Added referral contest feature
-- Updated crowdflower plugin (v1.10)
--> Added crowdflower contest
-- Updated offers plugin (v1.11)
--> Added offers contest
-- Updated offerwall plugin (v1.10)
--> Added offerwall contest
-- Updated surveys plugin (v1.01)
--> Added one network

Version 2.66
-- Removed PC Point System Plugin
-- Created Achievements Plugin
-- Two new hooks

Version 2.67
-- Removed PC Point System Plugin
-- Created Achievements Plugin
-- Two new hooks
-- Admin panel search members bug, ID of user search didn't work
-- Small fix for games plugin, non-required update
-- Shoutbox plugin fix
-- Changed display order for dropdown in User Transactions to show alphabetically (easier to find members)
-- Small bug for SolveMedia captcha on forgot password page
-- What's Happening plugin fix
-- Fixed time frame bug in referral contest
-- Fixed ":site_name" in activation e-mail after registration
-- Fixed postback/chargeback issue with Paymentwall (Offerwall Plugin)
-- Added ability to change referral bonuses to points in admin config section

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12-03-2011, 02:27 AM
Post: #2
RE: ClixScript V1 Has been Released!
We have updated to V 1.02 which is a very stable release of our V1 script. Admins should have no problem running this premium PTC script Smile !
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12-26-2011, 08:42 AM
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RE: ClixScript V1 Has been Released!
Version 1.5 is out including a major plugin: PTSU + Affiliate Offer System
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08-22-2012, 05:39 AM
Post: #4
RE: ClixScript New Update Features (Current V2.05)
New Version Released: v2.05
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08-25-2012, 10:06 AM
Post: #5
RE: ClixScript New Update Features (Current V2.06)
New Version Released: v2.06
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09-18-2012, 05:58 AM
Post: #6
RE: ClixScript New Update Features (Current V2.06)
New Version Released: v2.07
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09-23-2012, 02:35 AM
Post: #7
RE: ClixScript New Update Features (Current V2.08)
New Version Released: v2.08
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10-02-2012, 06:37 AM
Post: #8
RE: ClixScript New Update Features (Current V2.10)
New Version Released: v2.10
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12-12-2012, 12:01 PM
Post: #9
RE: ClixScript New Update Features (Current V2.52)
New Version Released: v2.52
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12-14-2012, 10:56 AM
Post: #10
RE: ClixScript New Update Features (Current V2.53)
New Version Released: v2.53
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