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FAQ - Read this first!
12-22-2011, 05:09 PM (This post was last modified: 01-13-2014 03:03 AM by admin.)
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FAQ - Read this first!
General Questions:
1. How do I change admin panel password?
Go to ClixScript_PHP_DOCS/config/config.php and find this part:
PHP Code:
    public static $__site = array(
"ipn_path"             => 'ipn_private_dir/ipn',
"admin_panel_password" => 'admin123',
Then simply change the value for admin_panel_password, in this case "admin123".

2. How do I add more admins?
Go to ClixScript_PHP_DOCS/config/config.php and find this part:
PHP Code:
    public static $__admins = array(
Simple add more admins like this:
PHP Code:
    public static $__admins = array(
All of the users specified here will become admin and as long as they know the admin password they will also be able to login to the main admin panel.

3. Payment processors: Where can I find IPN url?
You may look in ClixScript_PHP_DOCS/controller/ipn.php, but we're listing them here:


Perfect Money:


SolidTrust Pay:
Ofcourse, you will need to replace "yourdomain.com" with your own.

4. How do I upgrade the script?
Make a full backup of your site (including database). Download latest version from your account panel (where you downloaded the script your first time) and re-upload all files (but remember to not overwrite your config file located at /ClixScript_PHP_DOCS/config/config.php.) We also recommend that you only upload upgrade.php from the install folder for security reasons.

Once files have been uploaded, simply run upgrade.php and you're done.

PS: For those who use customized design you may not want to re-upload all files, are posting a list of files changed between each version, that will help you manually integrate updated files instead of having to integrate all files again. click here to see file changed.
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