Explore the unique features of our script..

User friendly two minutes installation

  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Friendly interface.
  • User friendly and simple installation.
  • Just 3 clicks needed to get going!

Affiliate CPA offers & offerwalls

  • Instant crediting and approval via postback.
  • Add 1000’s of offers in seconds with our mass import tool.
  • Add any networks and offer walls you want easily.
  • Use points or cash incentives.

Security features

  • Comprehensive proxy detector.
  • Super Flash cookies to detect cheaters.
  • Unique make your own captcha system.
  • Block users by country & I.P.


  • Customize with our plugins system.
  • Add themes with our template system.
  • Source code access except part of admin panel.
  • Want custom plugins? Just send us a ticket!

Social Media Integration

  • Google, Facebook and Twitter registration and login's built-in.
  • Ability to post a message on users facebook wall for each offer completed which shows earnings and referral link.

Gift Shop

  • Add any product with custom title, image & description.
  • Users can buy prizes using points or cash earned.
  • Pending orders will appear in admin area and optionally by e-mail.

PTC, Banners, Login and PTSU Advertising

  • Advanced settings and statistics.
  • Geo-Targeting settings available.
  • Ad packs with clicks or days.
  • Ability to sell ads to guests.

Fraud Protection

  • Proxstop Proxy Integration.
  • Custom built proxy detector.
  • Proxstop Phone verification integration.
  • Identity upload to Verify (e.g. driver license)
  • Multiple checks to find cheaters.

Paid to Share

  • Instant crediting and approval via postback.
  • Basically your own content locking software
  • Add your own content locking networks & file sharing sites.
  • Use points or cash incentives.

MLM which goes upto 10 referral levels deep

  • 10 referral levels deep MLM system.
  • 10 level earning for PTC, CPA, TE, PTSU & Upgrades!
  • Set different earnings based on membership type.
  • Complete statistics for each referral level of each member.

Payment Proofs

  • Easy one click uploads of payment proofs.
  • Ability to add, edit and delete a proof in admin panel.
  • All settings can be set per membership.
  • Set forced payment proof upload to be eligible for a further payout.

Advanced Support System

  • Integrated support ticket system
  • Support tickets for members and guests.
  • Permission to allow moderators to answer tickets.
  • Massmail system to send thousands of emails in seconds.

Advanced Bot system

  • Bots work just like human clickers.
  • Select clicks within a range per membership.
  • Requires crons setup to function.
  • Set earnings for bot clicks(RR) or human clicks(DR).

Revenue Shares

  • Instant crediting of revenue sharing profit.
  • Ability set return and number of days that share lasts.
  • Ability to set everything based on membership types.
  • Detailed statistics with graphs.

Multiple Payment Processors

  • Full IPN and API Integration of 4 Processors.
  • Live balances shown in admin dashboard.
  • Instant and manual 1-click payments right from the admin-panel.
  • Instant order approval and credit.
  • Paypal, Payza, Bitcoin, PM, STP ++

Multiple Languages

  • Translate system allows you to translate script to any language.
  • Users can switch between all languages & the chosen language is remembered for the future.
  • Included Languages: English & Portuguese.

Multiple Currencies

  • Support for multiple currencies.
  • Simple switch in admin panel to choose your currency.
  • Differentiate between purchase and account currency.
  • USD, EUR, Bits - easy to add more!


  • Accept bitcoin on your site and make payments in bitcoin
  • Set site currency to bits (1,000,000 bits = 1 BTC) or leave it as USD.
  • Bitcoin is integrated using blocktrail
  • BTC dynamic pricing


  • Live chat support available.
  • Fast support ticket responses for any queries.
  • 99.99% bug less guarantee.
  • We work to provide you a custom solution.


  • PHP 5.3 + MySQL
  • cURL (for making payments)
  • FreeType and GD (for captcha)
  • PHP short tags.
  • SourceGuardian Loaders (v. 10+)
  • Bitcoin requires: PHP 5.4+ and Intl, GMP, BCMath and MCrypt PHP extensions.

Integrated Forum

  • Fully integrated forum (same login)
  • Ability to add moderators.
  • BBCode, signature, avatars etc..
  • Member stats such as balance, paid.
  • User profiles with avatars.

Offer Addon

  • CPA/PTSU advertising
  • Mass import thousands of offers
  • Affiliate Networks integration
  • Automated postback
  • Disputes + auto-approval for PTSU


  • Supports multiple walls with offers
  • Completely automated (using postback)
  • Requires no work by admin once setup!
  • 5+ affiliate networks integrated
  • Ability to add your own networks

Adgrid Addon

  • Easy upload of custom images.
  • Detailed settings for each aspect.
  • Complete statistics available.
  • Graphs & charts for profit and earning

CrowdFlower Addon

  • CrowdFlower integration
  • Users will earn money through tasks.
  • Completely automated
  • Great earning potential!
  • Established brand

Traffic Exchange Addon

  • User friendly credit system.
  • Instant milestone credit e.g $0.10/1000 views.
  • 10 levels deep referral earnings.
  • Detailed statistics & graphs.

Survey Addon

  • Surveys for professionals
  • Panthera Network
  • iGain
  • Federated

What's Happening Box

  • Box showing latest events (e.g last rented, cashout etc).
  • Enable/disable each earning type.
  • Settings to choose what members can see.

Shoutbox Addon

  • Talk to your members.
  • Members can socialize.
  • Settings for reports

PM System Addon

  • Members can send PMs.
  • Send global admin messages.

Achievements Addon

  • Members earn xp for all tasks they do.
  • Ability to level up.
  • Earn prestige.
  • Earn rewards for leveling up.

Point Stakes Addon

  • Award prizes to members.
  • Give away freebies.
  • Members can enter with points.
  • Full product category available.

Charity Addon

  • Allow users to suggest charities eligible for donations.
  • Charities rotate by a set time period.
  • Admin approves charity suggestions.
  • Users can donate to a charity that is active.

Facebook Share

  • Allow members to buy packages with credits.
  • Users convert credits to real Facebook shares!
  • Full control over pricing, credit deduction, etc.
  • Use FB to advertise your site!

Payment Processors we support are